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All about the scent-

Posted by Sharyl Carlson on

There is an art to choosing the right fragrance.  Whether it's the room filling warmth of a scented candle, the skin loving benefits of essential oils, the energizing or calming aroma of a body butter, or the sweet tangy aroma of your favorite lip balm, scents matter! We pride ourselves in choosing the right scents for our products and we are also committed to transparency.  You can easily identify which type of oils where used to create the products you love.

All of our fragrances begin in nature. Natural oils are extracted from fruits, seeds, herbs, and spices, and then converted into the three types of ingredients that make up the fragrances that we know today.  These are Essential Oils, Nature Identical, and Man-Made.

Each fragrance ingredient is made up of the same three basic elements; carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen each arranged in different ways. Knowing this, scientists have been able to easily replicate natural fragrance essential oils, creating what they call “nature identical compounds.”  This gives master perfumers more raw materials to work with when crafting their fragrances while also allowing costs, turnaround times and environmental impact to remain as low as possible. 

At Thinspace Naturals, essential oils are chosen for their therapeutic benefits.  We use these delicate, natural essential oils only where they can shine, as in our shampoo and conditioner bars, and skin loving body butters. These precious oils are added at the very end of formulation where the delicate plant extracts will not be destroyed by the effects of heat and pH.  It takes a lot of plant material to create these oils, we are using them with the respect they deserve.

Some products, such as our Facial Toners and Hydrating Pearl Crème, benefit from longer lasting or more complex fragrance notes, and are scented with Natural Fragrance Oils.  These oils contain a combination of nature identical components and essential oils. This means that though they are referred to as natural because of their nature identical raw materials, they were also created in a lab in the same way as our fragrances containing man-made oils. 


Our candles are scented with Luxury Fragrance Oils that comply with the highest standards, specifically formulated for the candle industry.  As with the Natural Fragrance Oils, these oils are a combination of natural essential oils and natural identical compounds.  These oils are clean burning, cruelty free, toxin-free, phthalate free, and IFRA compliant.  We only use highest quality fragrance oils crafted with sophisticated, health conscious, and environmentally friendly artisans and consumers in mind. 

“You get what you pay for” holds true in many things, and we have found it to be true in fragrance oils as well. We have partnered with companies offering only the best that the fragrance world has to offer.  We are sure you will enjoy the fruits of these partnerships as well!

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