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Be Kind, Do Better!

Posted by Sharyl Carlson on

I don’t remember exactly when it first began happening.  But somewhere around my daughter’s eighth grade year in school, she changed.  She had become aware of some of the US policies regarding the environment, the staggering amount of waste we produce, the reality of global warming, and this generation of leader’s relative blindness towards it.  She became truly afraid of what our world will look like when she became an adult, not to mention the impact on the next generation. Tears flowed from both of our eyes, as we discussed her fears, and some of the realities our planet is facing. As a parent, I wanted to become actively involved in trying to make this world a better, safer place for her, and generations to come.


I found myself painfully aware of the amount of trash we were producing as a family, especially where plastics are concerned.  We began looking at how we could do something, anything, to lessen our personal impact on the environment.


There is so much to be done., so much more we personally can do.  Step by step, we are making an effort.  Be kind.  Do Better.  This has become our commitment as a family, and as a business.  As we learn more, we do more. Baby steps make a difference. Collective baby steps can make a huge difference.


Step One:  Less Plastic.


In the ever growing and learning process that is Thinspace Naturals, our first commitment is to Eco-friendly packaging, with a specific focus on using less plastic.  We found that Kraft paper packaging, while more expensive, and not always the most attractive or luxurious, is not only recyclable, but compostable.  Kraft paper packaging will degrade within 6 weeks. We use only paper for our shipping, and look for options that are recycled, recyclable, and environmentally friendly, avoiding plastics wherever possible.

When kraft packaging is not feasible, as is the case with our candles, we offer reusable packaging.  We choose packaging that is not just reusable, but realistic to reuse.  Again, not always the most attractive, but we are committed to both function and lessening environmental impact.  Currently, we are in planning stages for offering refills for most of our product line.  We look forward to that step in the coming months.

Step Two: Commitment to Change

This is a work in progress!  As a small-batch artisan business, we do not have all the answers. But we do have our integrity. As we learn and grow, we will continue to invest in the most eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging and shipping available to us. As we find better more sustainable options, we will make changes in order to further reduce our environmental impact.


Step Three:  Offset


This is our newest venture. We have committed to help offset our carbon footprint by supporting businesses and causes that are also committed to improving the world around us.  With environmental consciousness, ethically sourced ingredients, ecological sustainability, we are actively supporting change.  Check back as we spotlight some of the businesses and organizations we support and how they are doing their part to improve the world around them.


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