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Scent and Touch

Posted by Sharyl Carlson on

Scent and touch both natural and spiritual. We sense changes in temperature, the scent of our loved ones, the warmth of the sun, we can even smell the coming snow.  That odd little bit of intuition that tells you to beware, even the feeling of blush when caught daydreaming.

The idea of Thin Places is a concept I fell in love with as a young woman immersed in spiritual studies.  Simply, they are places where the veil between this world and the next, corporeal and spiritual is thinner than everywhere else. They are those places where you can almost hear in your spirit.

I call those moments that this occurs in our daily lives, thin spaces.  No magical or spiritual location, more a moment in time or frame of mind where time slows, and spirit takes over.  Perhaps a long relaxing bath where your path becomes clear, or wonderful fragrance that reminds you of somewhere long forgotten, even a quiet moment with your soulmate.

Scent and touch are magical things.  They can transport you from where you are into another realm.  My desire is that through Thinspace Naturals, we might help you create a special “space”, perhaps a moment of self-care to make all the background noise stop, or a special candle that you light when you need some time for your thoughts.  We are honored that you decided to drop by.

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